Men – A Grade


Program Summary

If you enjoy a little competition, Softball is the game for you! A grade is a grade where our Junior Representative players can also play to improve their individual skills. Getting to play against men of a higher level, challenging themselves playing the game they love. You’re never too old to play softball! Male pitchers have been clocked pitching at up to 85 miles per hour or 137 km/hour using the underarm motion. Even though softball is predominantly a Women’s sport, men make up approximately 29% of all participants. Despite the name, there is nothing soft about a softball.

Practice Schedule

Wednesday evening from 5:00pm

Training commences in August at either Faircloth Cres, Kensington (The ovals behind the Brothers Club) or Jack Norgate Oval Burnet Heads (Behind the Progress Association).

What you need for training:

Remember to bring your hat, softball uniform, water bottle, enclosed sneakers and softball equipment. If you don’t have any softball equipment like a glove helmet or bat the club does have gear you can borrow.

Wet Weather Policy

The following process will take place:

  1. If it looks like rain/storm or there already has been rain, executive members will meet to inspect the grounds
  2. A decision will be made the night before or morning of competition.
  3. All team contacts will be sent an email or SMS and a message will be posted on this site as soon as possible
  4. All lost games will be abandoned. They will not be replayed. Unless wash out days have been allocated in the game roster.

The Bombers

Head Coach: Daniel Heading

Daniel Heading otherwise known as Heado. Dan is also reasonable new to the game. His first season of playing he learnt the hard way to slide resulting in him requiring knee surgery. He loved the game so much and didn’t like watching from the side lines he took up coaching. He coached the Bombers Men’s Team with help from other players within the club. He is in his third season of coaching and now has returned to the game as a coach player.



Masters Men's Teams

For those of us who are a little longer in the tooth and enjoy the game, we have a Master’s competition in Australia. Masters competitions and events are for participants 35 years of age and older. There are many national and international Master’s events, all of which offer physical activity in a social environment and festival atmosphere. Softball is one of the highest participant sports in Master’s games.

Recommended Programs


If you are interested in becoming a scorer for Bargara Softball Club. We run a short, one day course at the start of most seasons. This is a great way to get involved with the Club and be a part of team even if you are not interested in playing.


For coaches wanting to extend their softball knowledge to include basic skills and how to play the game, there is also the formal coaching pathway of coach education and accreditation through Softball Australia's Coaching Program.


Want to get more involved in the game of softball? Have you thought about umpiring? If you are interested in becoming an umpire through the Bargara Softball Club, we run a short course at the start of most seasons. Express your interest.

Want to Join The Club?

At Bargara Softball we are always looking to welcome new members to the Club.  Never played softball before?  No problem. Want to give Softball a try?  Talk to us, we'd love to help. If you want a supporting environment filled with great people who have fun playing the game of Softball, Bargara Softball Club is the right club for you.  Contact us today!