The History of Bargara Softball Club

Bargara Softball was first registered as a softball club on the 2nd December 1996.  President- Mick Shannon, Secretary – Karen-Ann Horne, Treasurer – Carol Redshaw

Mick and Sue Shannon asked a group of mothers if they wanted to play softball. We began training but by the time the season started most of the team had pulled out and we only had 3 left. The 3 of us went and played for United while Mick coached us.

During the off season we recruited Senior and Junior players through friends, Bargara, Kalkie and St Lukes schools and Bargara Softball Club was formed.  Our first teams were a B Grade women’s, Under 14, Under 12 & T Ball.

Since then the club has grown from strength to strength growing every year. We have total of 76 Registered members. Our membership consists of both juniors (aged 5 and above) and senior. In 2018/19 season we had 8 teams -T Ball, U12, U14 U16, B grade Ladies- Leopards and Bandits, A Grade Men-Bombers and B Grade Men Bulls.

In 2017 Bargara Softball Club affiliated with Hervey Bay Softball Association and participates in a home and away format, travelling to Hervey Bay approximately once every four weeks.  Currently the Hervey Bay competition includes 32 teams from Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg.

Competition fixtures are held from October to March each year with our sign-on in early August. The Bargara Softball Club has fully accredited coaches who are committed to junior development and representative duties.  Players have the opportunity to represent Hervey Bay at the Softball Queensland State Championships in U14, U16, U18, U23 and Open divisions.

Announcement: AGM to be held at 6:30pm on Mon 17th August at The Lighthouse

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission at Bargara Softball Club is to build and develop softball in our community, ensuring our members enjoy the sporting attributes with a dignified approach to all aspects of the club.

Our Vision is to realise anyone of any age is able to enjoy the trilling game of softball. There is no one who can’t give softball a go… even in a modified form.

Club Values

• FUN – We are always mindful that this is a GAME and is meant to be fun for everyone.
• We will treat all people with fairness, respect and dignity / moral standards provable.
• We will meet the highest ethical standards and operate in a socially responsible manner.
• We will respect and comply with the rules of the game and the law.
• We are passionate in our attempts to achieve best possible standards in coaching, administrative duties and the overhaul running of our club.

Why Join Bargara?

The Bargara Softball club is a family friendly club and are always looking to welcome new members. We will treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity at all times. If you are interested in playing for a Club that emphasizes mateship and fun over politics then we are the Club for you.


The Bargara Softball Club is a member of the Hervey Bay Softball Association.  We are governed by Softball Queensland Incorporated, which provides our Insurance and Member Protection Policy as well as the guidelines to run our clubs and competitions. 

Club Roles

Many hands make light work.  The Club needs more hands to help spread the work.  On their own, no role requires too much time or commitment.  When our members step up to help out, everyone benefits.  Below is a description of each of the roles in the Club.  If there is a role that you feel you can help out with, or have an interest in finding out more about, please contact our President, Karen O’Neall.

All roles Require:

  • Hold or willing to apply for a Working with children Cards -(QLD)Blue Cards
  • Completed online training in -Child protection, Harrassment and Discrimination and Complaint handling
  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is aware of the future direction and plans of the club



The President is ultimately responsible for the running of the committee. They chair meetings, make sure everyone on the executive is carrying out their job and resolve any problems within the committee. Non-routine jobs which come up in the running of Club are delegated to committee members by the President. The President is also responsible for liaising with the committee and members, ensuring the smooth-running of the Club.


The Treasurer looks after the club’s finances. They ensure all moneys that is due is collected and receipts are issued. They also ensure all payments are made. They keep the books and keep the club informed of its financial position.

Head of Coaching

Our Head of Coaching organises our Level Coaching Sessions. They are the person who holds highest level of Coaching, currently a Level 4.

Umpire Coordinator

The Umpire Co-ordinator allocates umpiring duties in each weekend’s games. They are to keep a log of these duties because these are paid positions during the season.

Vice President

The Vice President is the president’s support system. They help the President in the day to day running of the club and, should the President fall ill or go on holiday, they take on the president’s job. The Vice President is ‘aware’ of all the happenings within the club. They are in constant contact with the President.


Organises venues and publicity for registrations for the upcoming softball season. This covers the design of registration forms, organising the distribution of rego forms and collecting the forms. The Registrar also looks after late registration enquiries. They are also on the sub-committee to form all teams (both competitive and social teams). Ultimately they provide MWSA with team lists.


The Media Coordinator is responsible for posting updates on the website and Facebook page. This includes events, weekly updates and more.


Each team is allocated a scorer who will keep score of the games each week. This can be the same person every week or it can be a shared position. Training Courses are available for those who are keen to progress.


The Secretary has the administrative job on the committee. The Secretary keeps and maintains records of the members and committee members. They ensure all correspondence (mail and e-mail) is kept up to date. They organise meetings, elections and agendas. The Secretary also takes minutes at each meeting, and issues these minutes to the committee.

Program Coordinator

Duties include organising School Holiday clinics. These clinics are a great way to introduce your child to the game of Softball in a fun, relaxed environment where they can learn new skills and make friends.


Each Cub Team is allocated a coach. Some of our coaches coach two divisions. Coaches must hold a current Blue Card – working with Children. Coaching Clinics are provided.


Softball Umpires run the show, and the good ones ensure a good atmosphere, free from cotroversy and confusion. It’s not easy being an Umpire, but it is a position of great importance to ensure fair and competitive games for our players. A Training Program is available for Umpires of all ages.

Become a Player or Volunteer Today

Growing our Club is important and we are always happy to welcome new Players, Coaches, Umpires and Supporters.  Please send us a message if you are interested in joining and we will get back to you to help you get involved.

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